Veni Sun is Jared Henry’s bedroom music project based out of San Diego, California. Drawing inspiration from his adventures, passions and love for people and the outdoors, Jared incorporates dreamy synth sounds with catchy guitar riffs and layered ambient sounds. His music takes people to a happy place and to realms of nostalgia. Releasing his first EP in 2020, Jared had no plans to pursue music or to even play shows for that matter. He was simply creating music because it was what he liked to do in his free time. About a year later, Jared became friends with Goth Babe (Griff Washburn) and showed him his music project Veni Sun. Griff liked his tunes and invited him to open up for him on his West Coast Tour of 2021. Since that tour, Veni Sun’s wings have caught wind and released multiple singles and EP’s, attracting the likes of the Spotify Editorial team and many more ears around the world. With Veni Sun’s local fan base growing more and more everyday, they are now hitting the road to make new friends and fans across North America, playing show’s wherever they can. Veni Sun puts a smile on everyones face in the crowd and will continue doing so for as long as they can.